Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art and Soul

We hit the road may 29th 2010 finally on the road at about 3 in the afternoon. We drove to until late in the night crashing out in the camper at a rest stop. My whole family so excited but no one as excited as I. As a girl being on the road and seeing different places is what we did. My dad was a sculpture owning his own foundry and 12 galleries exposed us as children to all kinds of places, and all kinds of people, and all kinds of art. I have in some way been involved in art my whole life! About 5 years ago I was at the height of my career as a painter, selling every painting I would make.......this was also the height of me birthing children. Having a hard time balancing it all I created less and ended a lot of my gallery relationships. I never stopped all the way I just could not find a way to meet all the demands. I choose to focus on my children more while they were small, only in the back of my mind I kept hearing all of the women that I had had conversations with at the galleries over the years saying "I used to paint, but then I had kids" this was not going to be me.
I have found that I have made a lot of choices as a wife and a mother based on the ideas of the all American normal family. I have struggled so hard to fit in this mold, being a free spirit, and it was not until recently that I have come to terms with the fact that I may not be traditional but I am authentic. I love my husband and I love my children with all my heart and now it is time to fill the soul. Filling my soul means seeing people that I love who have been a part of my life at some point and not loosing touch. Supporting who they are through art and their causes. Having my children meet people we have not seen for years. Meeting new people. Creating what ever kind of art I want wherever I want, creating a unique venue for each stop. Being in the elements, and enjoying them, The city, the ocean, the mountains, desert! Reading books. Drawing. As time has gone on and our world changes I have replaced some of the things I love most in life by monetary pressure, keeping up with the Jones, stressing out, and signing my kids up for every activity under the sun. Part of the soul part of this trip is simplicity. Relationships.
So, the first leg of this trip was perfect! We had two shows at "Alchemy" in San Diego this restaurant is owned by some of my favorite people in the world. Ron Tryano, and Matt and Jeff Thomas. My husband has known these guys forever, and I have known them since high school. They are the salt of the earth. They are creative, and kind, and they run an awesome business. Their food is amazing, and they support a lot of local causes. The one that amazed me the most is that they teach some cooking classes to the local school kids at The Albert Einstein academy. The kids also get a education on the way a restaurant works. How great is that!
Our first two shows were great! The first one was put together by our friend Brenda Hovis and her sister in law Christa supporting Autism Speaks here in San Diego. Christa's son is autistic. It was sponsored by ESN construction here in San Diego. I created a pendant and some paintings for the event. We had a great turn out, sold lots of pendants and the autism painting that I created for this event and some prints. Most importantly creating awareness and conversation, and supporting this awesome family in their journey. Alchemy also donated 10% of the dinner sales that night to the cause. Over all the sense on community was alive.
After the show we were able to sit down and have dinner with our friends Ron, Matt and Megan, Kate, and bonus was Jeff Thomas an amazing artist and one of the owners, Todd williams joining us who created the awesome sculpture in the restaurant and Our friends Matt and Kristina Shepards who live in Placerville.
On Sunday we closed the show with supporting The Natural Birth Pro's here in San Diego. I went to the restaurant early in the day to hang out during the brunch, and spend time with my friend Ron. So happy I did I Sold a painting to some ladies having brunch. The title of the painting was "Mother and Daughter" one of the ladies had just lost her mother and she said this was a painting that reminder her so much of her mother not just because of the title but because of the style. This is why I create :)
The natural birth group arrive around 3. This cause was put together by my friend Viraja I have known Viraja since high school. One of my Best friends ever. The ladies involved in this group were amazing and passionate about their cause. I enjoyed getting to know them. We enjoy a man playing a sitar and sold some pendants. I finished the day having dinner with Viraja and catching up. It has been way to long. It was awesome to see her as a mother, and have my children meet her. She runs an amazing business here in San Diego called Transformational Touch. She is very active in a super healthy life style and I am inspired by her passion for life.
While we were here in San Diego we stayed in Carlsbad at Anna and Roberts house. The trailer has been an issue it has live in 3 locations in the past week. It has only been lived in 3 days out of the 10 we have been gone. Our kids have had a ball at Anna and Roberts they live close to the beach, and have a swimming pool. They also live close to Brenda. We have swam everyday! Had many meals at Brenda's, enjoyed time with her husband and kids, and the Shepards. Gone to the botanical gardens, and surfed. Now we are off to camp, then off to the Sandusky's in Long Beach! (Our Cousin's) We are going to have a house party art show. There will be a Winery from Santa Barbara pouring wines, and all kinds of new people to meet! I LOVE IT!

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