Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bennett Sculpture Carmel

It's been almost a year now since the doors opened at the new Bennett Sculpture gallery in Carmel. Last summer I spent the first part pouring my heart and soul into a brand new body of work for the gallery, working with my step mom and her business partner to make everything perfect!

This is a family gallery with a rich creative family history started by my father and my uncle. Thirty years ago they opened a gallery in this exact location. My father passed away 10 years ago but his strong creative energy lives in his life's work. I was lucky to have him as a father and lucky to have him as a teacher. I arrived in Carmel in early June and there was only empty pedestals in the building waiting to be filled with bronze and lots of empty wall space. I could feel my dad all around days would start around 7AM and I would paint until around 7PM. I became so involved in my work and the dialog in my head that at times I felt it was hard to mingle outside the studio. I was totally lost in the space, lost in my heritage and pouring myself onto canvas. My mom was busy picking up sculptures from the foundry and my uncle and cousin were gathering and creating bronze for the new gallery. Everyday it looked just a little bit different. I could feel myself finding a part of me that had been lost, repressed, that had little faith turning into a strong and confident artist creating in my style and using my gift just as it was intended. Remembering that fear is just a word. Knowing I can always start over and that everything I create is not for me. It is for someone else. It is an unspoken language between the artist and the viewer a reminder of something deep inside us.

The gallery is located on San Carlos between 5th and 6th in Carmel California. Tho I live in Utah I am so lucky to work and have my work in Carmel displayed and shown with my family with my roots.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Image Reborn

This was my fourth year working with Image Reborn. A non profit that host no cost retreats for women who have breast Cancer. The retreats are held in Park City UT and last summer they hosted their first in Eden UT. This was the first pendant that I created. It was inspired by my good friend Eileen who sits on the board. This group is full of so much love transforming the spirit of the women who have been touched by cancer helping them feel feminine again. Out of this experience something new and beautiful  grows and the friendships that are formed last a life time. I feel blessed to have created this small piece that holds so much meaning for so many!

Here is a picture of me and the amazing women that took the painting home that I donated to last years gala in Park City. To find out more information about this awesome non profit go to