Monday, May 16, 2011

Art & Soul Tour - A unique and inspiring art tour that will unfold into an exciting documentary.

Ashley Bennett Stoddard has a vision; she sees people learning and experiencing art in a nurturing environment and having the confidence in their opinion of art – she believes that everybody is an expert when it comes to art.

This documentary will follow artist Ashley Bennett-Stoddard and her friend, Mickell Smith, as she tours across America’s small and high-end artists’ communities. While touring her own work, Ashley will be stopping along the way to visit up and coming artists, small town co-ops, galleries that feature only the masters, galleries that feature fine art, installments, street art, sand carvings in beach walls, and cornfields. While traveling, Ashley will be asking the questions; how and why does art talk to each person? and What makes art, art?
Ashley Bennett-Stoddard has been deeply involved with art her entire life. She is the daughter of the late, world renowned sculptor Bob Bennett. Growing up in the Placerville home of her father, Ashley Bennett-Stoddard was exposed to art throughout her childhood and inherited her father's artistic talent and strong feel for lines and design. She has combined this with an incredible sense of color and shape to create her own unique, unmistakable style. Ashley lives and works out of her home in Eden, Utah and is currently involved in Placerville's Bennett Gallery with other members of her family. In addition to the Bennett Gallery, her work is exhibited in galleries and private collections throughout the country.
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