Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy Elf

This week I truly feel like a busy little elf. I love this time of the year! I have 4 new pendants that will arrive on Friday in time to show at this cute boutique in Eden that my friend D'Arcy owns called "Chic Style" finally taking the time to work on my packaging and filling orders for my amazing charities that I work with.

I am feeling so blessed today! I got up early this morning and went to work out at 6:30 with a friend of mine. It has been months since I have done this. My head is clear, and running with all kinds of great idea's. (This will come in handy when I am working on my one of a kind pieces today). I then watched the sun rise over snowbasin it is truly beautiful here in Eden Utah, the snow covered mountains and the glassy lake freezing over, it's not hard to find inspiration, it's finding the time to execute all of my idea's well.

I am attaching the model photo's of two of my new pendants. The one that kinda looks like the sun and the moon is titled "Balance" it is my interpretation of the second chakra. The second chakra the symbol of the unconscious. This symbol has personal meaning to me, I am the kind of person who subconsciously store's a lot of emotion in my body and it seems that the hard things in life for me to process I put in my ovaries. (second chakra) I have had all kinds of trouble with them in the past three years and I honestly believe a lot of that has been stress, we all put our stress somewhere. So for me this is a symbol that I have created for myself to be "Balanced" and a little more conscious. The other pendant that I am posting today is titled "Love" to me I can not imagine a life where I am not giving love to the world. To my husband, my children,my friends my family, to people, and animals. I am a deeply loving person, and am lucky to be surrounded by an amazing family, community, and friends. I feel the love from all of these people and from God everyday. I can't help but share it. That is what this pendant is. She is sharing her "Love" for life.

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